Club, dancing all night

Posted: May 9, 2008 in Club
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I really love to dance to the music that i hear (and like). I think dancing might be seen as the music played with the body. Movement to the beat expressed in sounds has the magical effect on us like: we come to the euphoria, trance. And dancing in a group…we might experience the powerful drive to unity. I mean the unity of free people united in free formations. A fact is that dancing for millennia was main spiritual or entertaining activity for all religious, social, political, and even military activities.
About Music: I think music was born out of dancing. This means it is incorporated in us, since so many processes in and activities of the body are rhythmical. Dancers play the instruments of their own body orchestra.

You see, this is what I mean by music played with body. In the direct sense, everyone knows, your muscles become strings, your bones become drum sticks, your lungs become resonators. No. More. Each pair of muscles and bones curries an oscillating tone. Your body is a whole orchestra! And we should not forget our spirit, our composer, conductor, and choreographer.

Important to remember (and to feel) is the fact that you have to play music with your body.

My wish is to be able to tell you my view on how to find those body music and where is the rhythm in a single move… but this may take some time.


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