Poetry and the Human Mind

Posted: May 13, 2008 in Girls Secrets, Having Fun, Livia's Stuff
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I’ll try to explain a complex and mysterious universe, that of poetry, as well as its very source… the human mind. In most cases, poetry is imposible to be dealt with apart from human psychology, as it is closely releated to it. Poetry is a very subtle means of communication among people. It is often enough a good example of self psychoanalysis. It often may be an approach to the movements of the mind, both to the conscious and subconscious aspect of it. Therefore, what I intend to do is to put together, in a concise manner, a little from my knowlidge and experience regarding psychology and poetry.
I believe that Romanticism offers a very good example of a high and interesting degree of poetic thought as far as equilibrum reason – feeling is concerned, although it is the latter which was particularly stressed during that time. The universe described in poems ist often an alegorical one. It is the ocean of the poet’s spiritual life, including all the possible characteristics a human being may possess. From this viewpoint, each human being is but a wave rising to a climax and comming back again into the water of the ocean called life. Images are described in words. But words are not signs, they have a life of their own. They are alive. Poetry is alive

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