Livia’s Holiday…to celebrate :)

Posted: July 28, 2008 in Having Fun, Livia's Stuff
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Holidays! Yuuupi, Livia is searching for the sun in L’Escala – Costa Brava. The sun is shining 🙂 it’s celebration time 🙂 people around the world go party to celebrate good times… But (I just have to say this all) it’s also time to celebrate something else, namely 21 December 2012. Let’s celebrate!!! Or maybe not?!? Until this date, watch carefully the sky. As you may notice or not, Earth is changing… Not only are we responsible for a part of his destruction, but unprecedent events in man history may occurs in short term. The prophecy of ancient oracles and civilisations brings us to this particular date…
Why December 21 2012? This is when the mayan calendar (an highly precised calendar of time and astronomy) ends. But scientists and experts do not agree to the signification of it. One thing is sure, Mayans did this for something, maybe to tell the future civilisations their knowledge or warn them of an catastrophic event. Believe it or not… 2012… Our solar system will be align to the centre of our galaxy. Recent discoveries also tell that a black hole lives in the centre of our galaxy and sprays magnitic element by his equator. If our sun and earth enter this area of big turbulence, experts predicts a risk of a global disaster very high. Huge earthquakes could shake the entire planet and as the pole shift on sun and earth beacause of the huge power from the black hole, weather would turn insane…
It’s very hard to believe and accept such a thing as a majority of people know small things about space…
But let’s face it, if it’s true… if in 4-5 years such a big event would happen that there would be nothing to do but to die, how the modern world would react? Would we be prepared?…
Or chaos would reign? There is still time left… Inform yourself, act by yourself, live the moment, be happy… nobody will help you when the time will come… or live in the shadows of media and governments…


  1. pole shift 2012 says:

    […] Not only are we responsible for a part of his destruction, but unprecedent events in man history

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