I asked myself if it’s true or not… do all of us see this, do we expect this all? Is there any evolution of the Internet…!?! Since the beginning of the 1990s, the Internet has developed extremely rapidly and is becoming the medium for information retrieval, communication and transaction for more and more people. In the beginning of the World Wide Web… or What Women Want 🙂 static HTML pages were satisfactory. As a consequence there was no question about formal development methods or quality assurance. As soon as the ideea of dynamic generation of Web contents came up, there arose a need for user input, database calls and programming logic, either client base (in the Web Browser) or server based. Today the boundary between traditional and Internet applications is becoming fuzzy. That’s a little part of my Job experience 🙂
One question still remains… are Web Services the Future?!

More Infos here: Web Services: the Future?


EvoWatcher - monitorizare personal/copii


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