Will the EL Zeus, Athena and Apollo return? Some people do believe so… I am not saying that someone should always dismiss everything just because it is not the common held belief at the time. There have been many things formerly unknown and taken as mythology which have been proven real or wrong.

People back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s believed that the human body could not withstand speeds of more than 55 miles per hour. Is that true? Of course not! People used to think that all the placed mentioned in the Illyiad and the Odyssey were nothing but mythology. Do we know better today? Yes because we have found Troy, Mycenae, and several other cities. There are many examples that can be given as well.
I also have to mention the fact that I do not believe everything of such theories but I do support some aspects of them. And in fact… all mythologies have aspects of truth in them!
I would like to write a little about the place from my ex past life, namely Macedonia. The main difference between Macedonia and the city-states of the south was that it was ruled by a king and powerful nobility. To the Athenians, a monarchy, kingdom or to be ruled by a king was something of the past and something that the people of Athens had not seen for many centuries. Demosthenes now reffering to King Philip as a “barbarian”, in no way does Demosthenes mean Philip is not Greek by blood because Demosthenes himself was not Greek 100% by blood. Never does Demosthenes challenge in any way the Greekness of Philip`s nor the purity of his blood running through his veins in “any” of his speaches.
Demosthenes was an Athenian patriot and believed in the glory of Athens,the “Democratic” city-state and the Delian league with Athens being Hegemon and leaders of the alliance.
Of course not all Athenians were anti-Macedonian at that time . The true enemy of all Greeks which was King Darius and the Persian empire in an act of revenge for the burning of the Acropolis and the city of Athens and all wrongs done in the past to all of Greece and the Greek world. Alexandros carried out the revenge and ended the war with the burning of Persepolis, a symbol that put an end to the Persian empire and to the war against Persia. Alexander the Great dreamed for glory and he achieved this. Alexander just like all other Greek boys of that time, grew up believing in the myths. Alexander claimed descent through Achilles from his mother side and through Heracles from his father side. You can`t get anymore Greek than that dude. He crossed with his men all the way to Afghanistan all the way into the Hindu Kush surpassing not only Heracles but all the gods. He and the Macedonians spread Hellenism (Greek culture) and founded many Greek cities (ex:Alexandria,Egypt) from Mt Olympus all the way to India.

Going back to the topic in hand, the Macedonian Kingdom emerged around 650 bc and the throne was held by the Argead family,which claimed an origin in Argos.This claim to Greek ancestry was apparently recognised when the future Alexander I wished to compete in the Olympic games (506 bc). Later Macedonians also competed in the games. The earliest centres of powers were around Aigai, with it`s royal royal burial ground in Vergina.

What people thought about the gods more than two thousand years ago, thus at a time when belief in them had not yet died out, is worthy of notice. Cicero (106-43 B.C.), one of the most important orators and writers
of ancient Rome, left behind an almost completely preserved work: On the Nature of the Gods (Oxford World’s Classics), in which representatives of Greek schools of philosophy speak about the gods in the
form of a dialogue. A few sentences are given here:
“. . . there are also other philosophers, important and famous ones
at that, who hold it true that the entire world is kept in order and ruled
by divine insight and reason. At the same time – so they believe – the
gods also look after the life of men in a counseling and helping way. In
their opinion fruits and other products of the soil, changes in the
weather, the seasons and the firmament, through which everything the
earth produces is made to grow and ripen, are gifts of the immortal
gods for mankind. –
“. . . Since this belief in gods has not arisen through teaching, old
custom or law, and since the universal agreement of all is firmly established,
there must also necessarily be the firm conviction that there are
gods, because we have an implanted, or rather inborn, conception of
them. Everything that harmonizes with the natural ability of all men
will of course also be true. Hence the existence of the gods must be
admitted. As this point is almost invariably given unlimited recognition,
not only by all philosophers but also by the uneducated, we must
certainly admit that there is in us the pre-comprehension of the gods,
as I have called it before; or should I call it pre-knowledge? –
Thus the often reviled and denied “gods and goddesses” are actually
men’s best helpers. Their radiations also awaken, further, and
strengthen the virtues, which man urgently needs in order again to be
worthy of true humanity. –
Above all virtues is the virtue of Divine Purity, which manifests in
the human spiritual as true faithfulness. Only in Its ray can the other
virtues unfold.

“You earthmen are in this Creation to find supreme happiness! In the Living Language which God speaks to you! And to understand this Language, to learn it, and to sense inwardly the Will of God in it, that is your goal during your journey through Creation. In Creation itself, to which you belong, lies the explanation of the
purpose of your existence, and at the same time also the recognition of your goal during your journey through Creation! In no other way can you find either.”
“This demands of you that you live Creation. But you are only able to live or experience it when you really know it.”



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