Basking in the still of night…

Beneath the lights of the heavens, in the stillness of the night… Love… this is one of the great undefined mysteries of life. The fact that the perception of “love” can be viewed in so many different ways by humans often clouds the true definition of the word.

It makes you so vulnerable and opens you up to the greatest joy and the greatest pain. Your life is no longer your own because it allows someone to get inside you and touch your soul and control your emotions and take your heart hostage.

“Tell me where is fancy bred, in the heart, or in the head?” asked Shakespeare. He was one of millions who, over the centuries, have wondered where romantic love comes from.

Plato wrote in The Symposium in 416 B.C. that the God of Love “lives in a state of need.” This need is a basic human drive. Like thirst and hunger, it is nearly impossible to stamp out. In fact, lovers show all of the signs of addiction. Like drug addicts, they focus on the beloved, distort reality, and do inappropriate or even dangerous things to win this precious creature, crave his or her company and suffer withdrawals and despair if rejected. Lovers relapse like addicts, too.

I think about this image of lying in bed on a Sunday morning fully clothed next to him… and feeling totally content. Feeling like there is nowhere you would rather be and nothing you would rather be doing. Just looking at him and feeling like the rest of the world couldn’t possibly imagine what this is like. Feeling like you are both on the same page and everything you are feeling is mutual…

Yes… we’re basking in the still of night… 🙂



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