The Venus Project in Munich, Germany

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Livia's Stuff

Germany was a rewarding stop. Early in our visit we went to a Geo Thermal plant. While this plant was not hot enough to produce steam to convert into power, it did use the heat of the earth to deliver hot water to about 4000 homes. A company drilling for oil was disappointed when, at over 2,000 meters down, water came gushing out. Now it is put to good use and converted to Germany’s two most advanced geothermal projects, which are highly automated, and only require three people to manage.

We spent a lot of time with many of the Zeitgeist members doing interviews in homes, parks, and our hotel room, and of course there were a lot of meals taken together. One of the members suggested printing a portion of a 10 Euro bill and folding it in such a way that you can only see the ends. The bill would look authentic, but when opened it would show information in the middle about The Zeitgeist Movement. When left on the ground, it doesn’t take long before someone picks them up and reads them. They certainly attract people’s attention.

Often the question comes up, as it did in Germany as well, how are we going to “get rid” of the monetary system? We are not trying to get rid of it but to eventually surpass it. It has to go through its evolutionary stages and die of its own accord as it is doing now. Trying to superimpose a system before it’s time will not work. Those upholding this system have been at it a long time and they are good at squelching those who oppose it. We are not advocating revolutionary tactics of burning banks or physically destroying large corporations. This would not bring about social change. If the existing system does not provide human needs such as healthcare, housing, education, etc. people will seek another direction. People have to be informed of another possible alternative and work at introducing it to others to help bring that about.

For people without the luxury of being able to analyze social conditions and their causes and the factors that shape behavior, or who are unable to ask correct questions concerning our predicaments, it will take a direct hit to their standard of living to interest them in better alternatives. This may take the form of the loss of their jobs or homes, but this doesn’t mean they will recognize a more beneficial direction either.

No one is pointing out the real culprit of our decaying social conditions in the mainstream media so most people have very few tools to evaluate with relevant information. Questioning the system itself is never done on such shows and has always been taboo. What we have in managed news.

The job is to introduce another direction to work towards. People who have new inventions have to explain to the public the advantages of that invention. This is true for new social ideas as well. As this system becomes inoperable, the job is to explain to others the advantage of this new social direction in a way that makes it seem feasible to them.

As in all of our other stops, our German presentation was very well received.

Roxanne Meadows


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