Claudiu&LiviaMoments of Contemplation…
That place where we allow ourselves to become emptied of distractions, and turn our awareness inward, to the Indwelling Source of Love…
A longing rises to the surface from deep within me as I stand watching the waves caressing the sand… In those still, quiet moments of contemplation, when we open our hearts to the awareness of the Indwelling Spirit and Universal Mind, we allow that Divine Intelligence which created us to keep recreating us…

The complex notion of love comes to me in various forms that the dreamer within me conjures up…
I AM drawn to a spirit… lost in thoughts, full of a beautiful longing. Longing for love. I marvel at the love my heart seems to experience as I watch the tender interactions of two lovers, us! I observe moments of contemplation, a heart full of love, longing, longing… longing for you…


  1. I love the site, the message and the general feel of your ideas.

    I notice the comments some choose to leave and in order to counter that, I think its important that people who feel the same way reach out and just let each other know we are all still here.

    So just letting you know … I resonate with a lot of what is on here and I wish you and yours all the best for the future –

    – although I know you will be ok – we all will.


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