Amos the Mops

Amos the Mops-Pug-Carlin
Amos is the sweetest Pug/Mops ever! He is so funny all the time and has always a good mood. He likes almost everybody and is always willing to play. He sleeps a lot, but he also likes to go jogging if I take him with me 🙂 The Mops/Pug/Carlin is a small, stocky, square, thickset dog. The Pug  is good for apartment life, he will do okay without a yard. The Mops/Pug cannot withstand hot or cold weather and should be kept indoors at a comfortable temperature. You can see here pictures with Amos the Mops 🙂 Enjoy;)

  1. VRIL - ALDEBARAN says:

    …DOG=GOD… EVIL=LIVE… MEPHISTOPHELES manifests to Dr.FAUST as a BLACK DOG… So does the MESCALITO to the little El Peyote lover-Carlos Castaneda… I am still deeply convinced that you are a feline,cat woman Livia (A Panther or a Puma); just like your beloved Nelly Furtado!… Anyways, cute little doggy (hopefully he does not mistake your bed for his toilet ha-ha)…

  2. VRIL - ALDEBARAN says:


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