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Livia & Claudiu

The BIG Wedding Day 😀
“Wedding” literally meant the purchase of a bride for breeding purposes. 🙂
The word wedding comes from the root meaning to gamble or wager. The Anglo-Saxon word “wedd” meant that the groom would vow to marry the woman, but it also meant that the groom paid the bride’s father. This is believed why it is still customary for the father-of-the-bride to “give away” his daughter.

What means marriage … to me…? Hmm… Marriage to me is a partneship, a lifelong commitment to support and be there for each other no matter what… It means trusting, giving, security in each others love and support; it means always having someone to talk to, laugh with, confide in, and work together with… 🙂

Our Wedding Day… 😀 I am not sure how do i begin to describe this day? The day…was just perfect for us, a sunny day, perfect for starting the most unforgettable day 🙂 It was the best day of our lives, and it was indeed the Best Day Ever!

The week leading up to the wedding was a mixed bag of emotions… excitement, laughs, nerves, stress … pretty much, but most of all a lot of love. 🙂
It was very important to us, from the get go, that everything would be kept simple, classic… with a kind of vintage mood… and that the focus of the day would be about celebrating with our loved ones. Our photographers, Lavinia and Patrick – C’est Lavi Photography, really captured that feeling in their beautiful photos.

You can see the photos here: Wedding Day

My only advice to anyone planning their wedding: don’t stress the small stuff, and savour every single moment. It goes by so quickly… people tell you that, but you won’t realise until you’re truly in it… 🙂

Wedding Teaser:

Livia 😀



Hmm wedding 😀 Marriage? I think marriage is a way to legalize your love for one another. Nothing will change in my relationship I will still love him as much as a husband just the same I love him as a boyfriend. To me marriage is nothing more then just a legal contract your are signing with the person you are making a life long contract with.

How do I define marriage? What makes it sacred? If marriage means a loving couple committing to each other for the rest of their lives, who else should be part of the equation? Some people believe a marriage is only valid if done in church by a priest, while others are content to be legally married in a courthouse. Some couples want to have a ceremony to involve all the people they love as witnesses of the solidifying of their union. Some couples already feel committed to their bond but want the law to acknowledge their bond for tax, insurance, and other legal purposes such as having the rights of a family member in emergency matters surrounding their beloveds.

Honestly I think marriage means different things to each individual, and can change depending on age and personal experience…

Well… my wedding’s calling soon 🙂 and I am happy 😀

See our 1set of wedding pics: cununia civila


Pandora BraceletA long time ago I’ve seen a friend of my mother wearing a complete Pandora bracelet… I couldn’t stop thinking of it, it was so beautiful, but I didn’t knew anything about Pandora, so it remained a mystery to me…
Few months ago I have discovered Pandora on the Internet… I recognized some of the charms, and I said to myself: THIS IS IT! And this it was… now I must admit the fact that I start my second bracelet (my favorite charms are the two-tone ones)

Why Pandora? Because Pandora charms are handmade, crafted with attention and love, and this makes them filled with positive energy, so that every single charm is unique and one of a kind like I am.
I did also received a Pandora ring from my boyfriend, which fits perfectly with my bracelet.
I must admit that I love getting jewelry from the one I love. There’s something about gold and diamonds and precious gemstones that adds to the significance of the gift full of love.
And speaking of love, I like being told I’m loved… a lot. And receiving such a gift can be seen as the physical symbol of the declaration of the love. If love and positive energy is in my jewelry, this story will live on in this piece of jewelry.

Every time when I look at my ring and charms, I’m reminded of the love which lives in them and all of their significance… for each uniqe moment of my life. It’s a wonderful feeling which can be seen if one looks into my eyes, the shine in my eyes is like a gem in the twinkling stars, and staring into my eyes the whole world is enchanted. 🙂


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Stop obsessive ThoughtsThoughts obsessive? Stop them!
You might have reached a point in your life where you want to be rid of the continuous torture of the “thought generating” mind…

Obsessive or negative thoughts can make living miserable when you are plagued by them, but this very situation can become the invitation to transcend mind and be free of suffering forever.

Question: Can you stop obsessive thoughts?  If you could it would be great, but the truth is that it’s slightly more complicated than just suppressing your thoughts which at-most you can do for a few seconds. Plus suppressing thoughts is even worse than enduring thoughts. It builds up a lot of negative energy inside. So how to stop thinking horrible thoughts? The secret to stopping obsessive or negative thoughts is to detach from the mind. You cannot fight mind with the mind. That’s what this article is about. Let’s look at this in more detail.

What Causes Obsessive Thoughts?
If you generated thoughts, you could’ve controlled them too. The truth is that you don’t generate thoughts, the mind does. It’s on auto mode most of the time. You can see this for yourself, can you predict what you will think 30 seconds from now? If you can’t how can you assume that you are generating the thoughts? If you believe that you are your mind, that’s a false notion again. If you are your mind then how can you observe the thoughts? So you must be separate from the mind to see what the mind is doing. So the mind generates thoughts, which are mostly just energy forms. These thoughts pass through like clouds. We identify with some of these thoughts and obsess about them. So in truth all thoughts are just neutral energy forms, it’s “your” interest or association with the thoughts that makes them obsessive. If you can understand this truth, you have taken the first step towards getting rid of obsessive thoughts.

How to Stop Obsessive Negative Thoughts?
If you are asking this question, ask yourself another question – “is this question not another thought? It’s a thought about killing thoughts”. All your attempts at suppressing and stopping thoughts will fail because you will be using the mind to stop the mind. The police man and thief are both the mind, so how can the police man catch the thief? So you cannot kill the mind by force. The mind dies its own death by the poison of disassociation.

What gives power to a thought? – Your interest. If you have no interest in a particular thought then it loses its hold over you. You can try this out now. Let the thoughts flow through your mind but don’t take interest in them. Just stay as a bystander or a watcher and let the thoughts float. Initially you might have a hard time watching thoughts because of your inherent habit of associating with each thought that arises. It helps to know that you are not your thoughts, that thoughts are just energy forms created in the mind. Why does the mind create thoughts? No one knows – it’s just something it does, why bother. Do you ever ask why does the heart beat? With a little practice you will get really good at watching thoughts and not involving yourself with them. You will stop giving power to thoughts by not giving them your interest. Thoughts die immediately when they are deprived of this fuel of interest. If you don’t associate with the thought or give power to the thought, it will wither away quickly.

What Are Thoughts?
Past events get stored as memories. Your mind conditioning and beliefs are also stored as memories. All this is unconscious storage; the mind does all this in auto mode. Perceptions and interpretations are created in the mind based on its past “external” conditioning and also its natural conditioning (genetics). These interpretations, perceptions and judgments come up as thoughts in the mind, and they can positive or negative depending on the mind’s conditioning. Thoughts are generated based on the past incidents/memories, future projections and interpretations on the present life situation. It’s like a computer trying to predict or conjure up projection based on the data it has collected so far. When thoughts are negative in nature (thoughts of worry, anxiety, stress, lack, resentment, guilt etc) they produce resistance to the movement of your life, and this resistance is felt as suffering. Negative thoughts will always stand in resistance to the movement of your life, like blocks of stone in the midst of a swift current of water. Life is a stream of pure positive energy and hence any negative thought will stand in opposition to it, causing friction which is felt as suffering in the body. The thoughts in your mind gain power from your attention and interest. Your attention is the fuel for your mind. So when you give attention to negative thoughts in the mind, you are unconsciously fueling it and thus attracting more momentum for these negative thoughts. The momentum of negative thoughts in your mind will slow down, and ebb away, automatically when you stop feeding your attention to it. Stay as an open space of awareness without contracting your attention on the negative thoughts of the mind, and soon they will lose their momentum.

You can focus on the positive thoughts generated in the mind, and thus develop a positive momentum in your mind. Every time your mind produces some positive thoughts, e.g thoughts of love, joy, excitement, abundance, beauty, appreciation, passion, peace etc, focus on it, milk it, and give attention to it. This will cause your mind to attract more positive thoughts and thus build a positive momentum. Whenever it thinks negatively, don’t give it attention or interest, this will cause the ebbing away of the momentum of negative thinking. It’s really that simple. Once you understand the mechanics of how thoughts gain momentum in the mind, you will be in total control of your state of being.

The Practice of Watching the Mind
All you need to do to get rid of obsessive thoughts is to watch the mind without getting involved. You will get really good at this with just a little practice. This practice, or “sadhana” as called in Hindu scriptures, is the root of awakening from the illusion of mind. Without trying to understand this practice just implement it. The more you try to understand the more mind gets involved. Just watch the mind and you will soon see that you are not the mind at all. That the mind is like a machine in your head that generates thoughts based on your attention/interest. Be free of your mind by depriving it of your interest. This is the only direct path of becoming free of the mind.


Angels and EvolutionThe Soul

The Soul is the closest dense vehicle that the spirit has, this is composed by different energies, that’s why it’s dense, because it’s not only pure light. Its body is the well known Chakras: Base, Sacral, Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown. These are the energetic glands that allow the spirit to connect with the maximum density: Matter. Each chakra corresponds with each gland of the physical body. The Soul is created in the cells of what we know as God, and they are etheric accumulations which are capable of vibrating with the level of matter. This allows the pure light to go into the matter and to evolve.

All this evolution process makes the individual spirit, no matter how much it belongs to the totality, evolve and understand all the existence in the Being which we call God to be able to be another God. And this is possible through experience, the experience of living what exists in the Universe in all its aspects, in each of its dimensions. In this moment we are going through the third dimension, so we are integrating the experience of living in third dimension. We have this experience thanks to the organization that has been created in the Universe which is through matter and the decomposition of matter. The deterioration of the matter is what allows the experience in the Universe. And we call this deterioration TIME. TIME is an essence that exists to deteriorate the matter, so it only exists in the physical world. This experience can last for years or millenniums, depending on what each soul and spirit needs to learn as a whole. 

Humans Evolution and Angels

There are various steps to become what we are today.
There are different types of incarnations, we know the human one best. But actually the different incarnations begin in the energetic levels. First a spirit has to practice the energy and incarnate in what’s known as a Soul. First adapting itself to the features of a soul, and to learn and manipulate what a Soul Being is. After that it starts to practice the incarnations in the molecule and gas level.
As spirits we ust first practice the least dense to incarnate, and this is the adaption to a soul. The densification of things allows us to understand the fluidity of the physical things inside the dense worlds. The maximum density allows us to know how to matter feels and to recognize our limits in the physical world. Plants allow us to understand the channeling of divine light and anchorage into the earth. Being animals allows us to learn the movement and control of our body, decision making, instinct, interaction with the rest of beings and communication. Being rational animals allows us to practice spirituality, meditation through recreational actions, culture and the sense of family.
For a human being it’s th moment to learn, through approximately 70 lives, the unification between Earth and Sky. Taking into consideration all of what we have learned before.
This is the last physical level, together with the extraterrestrial.
In this level the evolution changes, here they work in service of the physical worlds. Using their experience to guide who is going through physical density.
After the 7th dimension starts another evolution which is more etherical, this means that the Beings who already went through the physical levels start to incarnate in etheric levels because they were able to illuminate their matter and ascend through matter. When one ascends through matter, a new evolution process begins because his body has already become light, now their process is to help who is lower down, to say it somehow, and to make them understand the process of illumination of matter like the ones we know as Jesus, Buda, Mahoma and many others that were born and are not so well known in our society. But their evolution continues going up, until they reach the 15th dimension where they incorporate all that essence in the different dimensions to understand the integration of that essence.


Claudiu&LiviaMoments of Contemplation…
That place where we allow ourselves to become emptied of distractions, and turn our awareness inward, to the Indwelling Source of Love…
A longing rises to the surface from deep within me as I stand watching the waves caressing the sand… In those still, quiet moments of contemplation, when we open our hearts to the awareness of the Indwelling Spirit and Universal Mind, we allow that Divine Intelligence which created us to keep recreating us…

The complex notion of love comes to me in various forms that the dreamer within me conjures up…
I AM drawn to a spirit… lost in thoughts, full of a beautiful longing. Longing for love. I marvel at the love my heart seems to experience as I watch the tender interactions of two lovers, us! I observe moments of contemplation, a heart full of love, longing, longing… longing for you…


Destiny OwlCoincidence or psychic moments?

A forceful feeling in the pit of your stomach. The musing thought of a friend right before the telephone rings. A race of fear, when there would seem to be nothing outwardly present to elicit such a response. A swell of infatuation at the first sight of a future lover. We all have psychic moments that seem to knock us off our feet and provide exciting fodder for storytelling, but how can you tell the difference between the supernatural, and a mundane coincidence? Coincidences are overrated. As a wise elder who teaches me often says, in her gentle Southern drawl, “there ain’t no coincidences.” She means that the coincidence is a moot point. It is a construct of the left-brained, logical mind to try to explain away something to which attention should be paid. In fact, some forms of divination and omen interpretations rely entirely on the occurrence of “coincidences” to be understood.

A phenomenon commonly called “angel numbers” is when repeated numbers are noticed incidentally by an individual throughout the day. For example, if you woke up on a Saturday at 13:13 a.m., went to the store, and made a purchase that came out to exactly RON 13.13, and then later on that evening happened to glance at the clock again when it read 13:13 p.m. that number -11, 13… – would be considered an “angel number.” Some believe that the coincidence of it is the angels’ way of attempting to get your attention.

The interpretation of the number might then be done with traditional Pythagorean numerology by adding together the digits until producing an integer between 1 and 9 and seeking meaning for that day within that number.
Adding to the importance of not discounting coincidences is the fact that the true psychic flash is almost always the very first impression of a person, event, or situation. The mind moves so quickly that the psychic flash is immediately attacked by various thoughts discounting its probability or distracting from its pure message. The more unusual or unlikely the psychic flash, the more quickly it is dismissed – even if it is astoundingly accurate. Sometimes, the logical mind accepts but augments the psychic flash so that it is no longer precise enough to be right. You can talk yourself out of any psychic flash!

The best way to stop unraveling your psychic thoughts is to immediately journal about them whenever possible without any analysis or judgment. Keep this journal private so that you won’t be tempted to edit yourself as you go. Whenever you wake up from a dream, write it down. Keep a small notebook with you if possible so that any sudden moments of revelation, no matter how unlikely, can be recorded. Make sure that the dates are very carefully recorded as well, as you may notice a pattern of when you have a vision and when the vision seems to come to pass! Give yourself enough time to fill up the entire notebook if you don’t immediately notice that you are psychic. After the notebook is full, read through it with an open mind.

Sometimes psychic visions can be highly symbolic and rich with information. Perhaps a dream about a broken toy car resulted in seeing a real life accident later on. Notate which information appears to be extraneous and coincidental, but make a point to review it again later on to remove all doubt. Some of the greatest loves have begun with nothing more than a feeling, and some of the worst tragedies have been avoided through listening to gut fears and intuition. Even if you do acknowledge the existence of coincidences, sometimes there is a reason behind why such coincidences began in the first place, and a purpose behind your understanding of them.


TheVenusProjectZeitgeist: Moving Forward, by director Peter Joseph, is a feature length documentary work which will present a case for a needed transition out of the current socioeconomic monetary paradigm which governs the entire world society. This subject matter will transcend the issues of cultural relativism and traditional ideology and move to relate the core, empirical “life ground” attributes of human and social survival, extrapolating those immutable natural laws into a new sustainable social paradigm called a “Resource-Based Economy”.

Public Statement From The Creator of the “Zeitgeist Film Series”, Peter Joseph:
RE: The Mainstream Media Association Created Between “Zeitgeist” and the Tuscon Murders.

Fluid social change can only materialize if two circumstances are met. One, the human value system, which consists of our understandings and beliefs, must be updated and changed through education and thoughtful introspection. Two, the environment surrounding that value system must change to support the new world view. The interaction between a person’s value system and their environment is what influences human behavior.

For example, in our culture, “ethics” is really a matter of degree, for our social system promotes and rewards competition and self-interest. This perspective doesn’t just “lead” to aberrant behavior… it creates it directly. Corruption is the norm in our society and most people do not see this, for since the society supports this behavior, it is considered right and normal… or as a matter of degree.
Given this understanding, there is a fallacy that has emerged where certain groups are deemed “corrupt” and everyone else is “good”. This is the age old “us and them” world view which has no basis empirically, for it is, again, all a matter of degree.
For example, there is a large movement of people who constantly talk about “The New World Order” and this notion that there is an elite group of people who have been trying to take over the world for a long time and have manipulated society in various ways to further their goals.
This, of course, is true to a certain extent.
BUT, the failure of awareness is that this “group” is not a group at all. It is a tendency.

If you took out all the people at the top who are engaged in global hegemonic rule, it would simply be a matter of time before another group stepped in to seek the same ambition. Therefore, it isn’t the individual people or groups that are the problem. It is actually the conditions upon which those people have been accustomed and indoctrinated by. Of course, many argue against this view with the escapist notion that it is “human nature” that causes this competition and need for dominance. This is unsupported by the facts. In reality, we are nearly clean slates when we are born and it is our environment that shapes who we are and how we behave.


Vine Craciunul! Cu secole inainte de aparitia lui Iisus, unii europeni sarbatoareau lumina si intunericul in cele mai intunecate zile ale iernii.

Foarte multe popoare petreceau in timpul solstitiului de iarna, cand partea cea mai grea a acesteia trecuse si zilele mai lungi erau mult mai aproape. In Scandinavia se sarbatorea Yule, solstitiul de iarna, din 21 decembrie pana in luna ianuarie. Pentru a-si arata recunostinta pentru reintoarcerea soarelui, fii si tati aduceau acasa bucati mari de lemne pe care apoi le ardeau. Urma o petrecere care nu se termina decat dupa stingerea focului, ceea ce putea dura pana la 12 zile. Scandinavii credeau ca fiecare scanteie din foc reprezenta un vitel sau purcel care urma sa fie nascut in noul an. Sfarsitul lui decembrie era o perioada perfecta pentru sarbatori in aproape toata Europa. In acea perioada majoritatea vitelor erau taiate pentru a nu consuma hrana toata iarna.

Pentru multi oameni acestea erau singurele zile cand aveau pe masa carne proaspata. In plus, majoritatea vinului si berii facute in timpul anului erau in sfarsit fermentate si gata de baut. In Germania oamenii onorau zeul pagan Oden in timpul sarbatorii din mijlocul iernii. Germanilor le era frica de Oden deoarce credeau ca acesta zbura prin cerul noptii pentru a-si supraveghea oamenii, ca apoi sa decida cine va muri si cine va trai. Din cauza prezentei lui, multi oameni alegeau sa stea in casa.

Vine Craciunul… cata bucurie 🙂 Toata lumea il asteapta pe Mos Craciun, iar unii inca se gandesc… ce mesaje sa le scrie celor dragi. Am ales cateva mesaje aici:

  • Sfanta seara de Craciun Sa ne-adune bun cu bun, Sfanta seara de Craciun. Ca-i mai Sfanta decat toate, La multi ani cu sanatate!
  • Viata asta ne inraieste si uneori actionam ca niste nebuni dar sa nu uitam ca este Craciunul si sa fim un pic mai buni
  • Esti o fiinta atat de draguta, politicoasa, frumoasa, sincera, spirituala si unica pe aceasta lume… Primeste urarile mele de bine si aceste minciuni nevinovate.
  • Sarbatorile cand vin, sa va fie cosul plin, sa aveti pe saturate, casa plina, sanatate! Punga sa geama de bani, mult noroc si La Multi Ani!
  • La aceasta cumpana dintre ani, lasa sa treaca prin fereastra sufletului tau, magia sarbatorilor, lasa-te cuprinsa de fericire si bucurie si ramai asa pentru tot restul vietii. Fii raza mea de soare si lumineaza-mi aceasta trecere, vino cu mine in lumea dragostei fara sfarsit.
  • Sarbatori Fericite si un Craciun plin de zapada fina sa ai un an mai bun si la anu’ sa-ti iei masina
  • Sarbatori fericite cu bucurii si impliniri alaturi de cei dragi! Sa va gaseasca Mosul cu masa bogata si sufletul curat!
  • Cu mic cu mare, mergem la sarbatoare, cu ganduri bune si dorinta de mai bine, pentru noi si pentru toti. Craciun fericit!
  • Craciun Fericit si multa sanantate, sa ai un an mai bun, sa-ti mearga bine in toate
  • Bucuria Craciunului sa tina pana in zori si un cor de craciunite sa-ti cante de Sarbatori
  • Bradul e impodobit, Mosul inca n-a sosit, Incepeti sa colindati, Si pe el sa-l asteptati. Va veni la fiecare, Cu cadouri si-o urare: Un Craciun plin de iubire, Sanatate, fericire, Mult noroc si impliniri Si ani plini de bucurii
  • Sa gasiti pe fiecare ramura a bradului implinirea viselor si cheia succeselor viitoare, iar MOS CRACIUN sa aduca doar pentru voi un sac plin. La multi ani!


keeping mystery aliveKeeping mystery alive

The mystery of the beauty of philosophy lies not in removing the mystery, but to discover its beauty. Let’s keep a sense of mystery alive…
One long strand of philosophical reflection attempts to empty the universe of mystery. Many philosophers have aimed to dispel superstitions, magical thoughts, irrational beliefs and uncanny appearances. Loving truth and knowledge, they have tried to understand the universe and themselves without calling for supernatural help. On this approach, philosophy ends with the disappearance of mystery. An omniscient intelligence would find nothing mysterious, but would have no need of philosophy, either.
Still, philosophy has never totally effaced the idea of mystery, and we can ask about its nature and try to explain why we have it. A mystery is something we do not understand, something that puzzles our senses, imagination or understanding. Some mysteries are solved. Some await a solution. Others remain unsolved for purely contingent reasons. Still others remain mysteries because we lack the intellectual ability to solve them, or because trying to think of a ’solution’ is already wrong-headed.

First of all we should distinguish natural from supernatural mysteries. Natural mysteries are things we do not understand, but which, if we finally dispel them, we will understand by thought, observation and experience without appeal to supernatural intelligence or agency. Natural mysteries can be little or big. A little mystery is the random disappearance of my socks, or why it rained living fish in the desert. Big natural mysteries are puzzles like the nature of gravity, dark matter, the Big Bang, the ultimate composition of the universe, and so on.
Believing that natural mysteries have natural explanations, we have sought for these explanations and have been very successful in dispelling some of them. For example, the role of the heart was a mystery for a long time, and there were many ideas about its function. However, when Harvey proved that the heart is a pump for pushing blood through the body, he solved the mystery. This does not mean that we will always be successful in dispelling natural mysteries, but our efforts to understand are not pointless. Magic tricks, too, are mysterious to those who do not know how the magician does them.
Supernatural mysteries also come in small and large sizes. Small ones include sightings of ghosts, the operations of poltergeists, communication with dead loved ones, astral projection, near-death experiences, and so on. We do not know how to take any of this, but even if we believe in the afterlife and immaterial spirits, such things are still mysterious to us.

After establishing an individual philosophy, reorganizing your life, and finding your dharma and spiritual path, there is another step to take on your spiritual journey. You are to take responsibility for your own life.
Well, many people are in the habit of blaming someone else for their unfortunate situations. Whatever is wrong in a person’s life is blamed on unfair sibling relationships, taxes, imperfect schools, or having been born at the wrong time etc.

Understand your relationships, but let go of blaming. There is nothing in your mysterious life that is not your choice, your doing, your karma. It may sound harsh, but it is liberating.