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Hmm wedding 😀 Marriage? I think marriage is a way to legalize your love for one another. Nothing will change in my relationship I will still love him as much as a husband just the same I love him as a boyfriend. To me marriage is nothing more then just a legal contract your are signing with the person you are making a life long contract with.

How do I define marriage? What makes it sacred? If marriage means a loving couple committing to each other for the rest of their lives, who else should be part of the equation? Some people believe a marriage is only valid if done in church by a priest, while others are content to be legally married in a courthouse. Some couples want to have a ceremony to involve all the people they love as witnesses of the solidifying of their union. Some couples already feel committed to their bond but want the law to acknowledge their bond for tax, insurance, and other legal purposes such as having the rights of a family member in emergency matters surrounding their beloveds.

Honestly I think marriage means different things to each individual, and can change depending on age and personal experience…

Well… my wedding’s calling soon 🙂 and I am happy 😀

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