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Pandora BraceletA long time ago I’ve seen a friend of my mother wearing a complete Pandora bracelet… I couldn’t stop thinking of it, it was so beautiful, but I didn’t knew anything about Pandora, so it remained a mystery to me…
Few months ago I have discovered Pandora on the Internet… I recognized some of the charms, and I said to myself: THIS IS IT! And this it was… now I must admit the fact that I start my second bracelet (my favorite charms are the two-tone ones)

Why Pandora? Because Pandora charms are handmade, crafted with attention and love, and this makes them filled with positive energy, so that every single charm is unique and one of a kind like I am.
I did also received a Pandora ring from my boyfriend, which fits perfectly with my bracelet.
I must admit that I love getting jewelry from the one I love. ThereÔÇÖs something about gold and diamonds and precious gemstones that adds to the significance of the gift full of love.
And speaking of love, I like being told I’m loved… a lot. And receiving such a gift can be seen as the physical symbol of the declaration of the love. If love and positive energy is in my jewelry, this story will live on in this piece of jewelry.

Every time when I look at my ring and charms, I’m reminded of the love which lives in them and all of their significance… for each uniqe moment of my life. It’s a wonderful feeling which can be seen if one looks into my eyes, the shine in my eyes is like a gem in the twinkling stars, and staring into my eyes the whole world is enchanted. ­čÖé


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