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Angels and EvolutionThe Soul

The Soul is the closest dense vehicle that the spirit has, this is composed by different energies, that’s why it’s dense, because it’s not only pure light. Its body is the well known Chakras: Base, Sacral, Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown. These are the energetic glands that allow the spirit to connect with the maximum density: Matter. Each chakra corresponds with each gland of the physical body. The Soul is created in the cells of what we know as God, and they are etheric accumulations which are capable of vibrating with the level of matter. This allows the pure light to go into the matter and to evolve.

All this evolution process makes the individual spirit, no matter how much it belongs to the totality, evolve and understand all the existence in the Being which we call God to be able to be another God. And this is possible through experience, the experience of living what exists in the Universe in all its aspects, in each of its dimensions. In this moment we are going through the third dimension, so we are integrating the experience of living in third dimension. We have this experience thanks to the organization that has been created in the Universe which is through matter and the decomposition of matter. The deterioration of the matter is what allows the experience in the Universe. And we call this deterioration TIME. TIME is an essence that exists to deteriorate the matter, so it only exists in the physical world. This experience can last for years or millenniums, depending on what each soul and spirit needs to learn as a whole. 

Humans Evolution and Angels

There are various steps to become what we are today.
There are different types of incarnations, we know the human one best. But actually the different incarnations begin in the energetic levels. First a spirit has to practice the energy and incarnate in what’s known as a Soul. First adapting itself to the features of a soul, and to learn and manipulate what a Soul Being is. After that it starts to practice the incarnations in the molecule and gas level.
As spirits we ust first practice the least dense to incarnate, and this is the adaption to a soul. The densification of things allows us to understand the fluidity of the physical things inside the dense worlds. The maximum density allows us to know how to matter feels and to recognize our limits in the physical world. Plants allow us to understand the channeling of divine light and anchorage into the earth. Being animals allows us to learn the movement and control of our body, decision making, instinct, interaction with the rest of beings and communication. Being rational animals allows us to practice spirituality, meditation through recreational actions, culture and the sense of family.
For a human being it’s th moment to learn, through approximately 70 lives, the unification between Earth and Sky. Taking into consideration all of what we have learned before.
This is the last physical level, together with the extraterrestrial.
In this level the evolution changes, here they work in service of the physical worlds. Using their experience to guide who is going through physical density.
After the 7th dimension starts another evolution which is more etherical, this means that the Beings who already went through the physical levels start to incarnate in etheric levels because they were able to illuminate their matter and ascend through matter. When one ascends through matter, a new evolution process begins because his body has already become light, now their process is to help who is lower down, to say it somehow, and to make them understand the process of illumination of matter like the ones we know as Jesus, Buda, Mahoma and many others that were born and are not so well known in our society. But their evolution continues going up, until they reach the 15th dimension where they incorporate all that essence in the different dimensions to understand the integration of that essence.



keeping mystery aliveKeeping mystery alive

The mystery of the beauty of philosophy lies not in removing the mystery, but to discover its beauty. Let’s keep a sense of mystery alive…
One long strand of philosophical reflection attempts to empty the universe of mystery. Many philosophers have aimed to dispel superstitions, magical thoughts, irrational beliefs and uncanny appearances. Loving truth and knowledge, they have tried to understand the universe and themselves without calling for supernatural help. On this approach, philosophy ends with the disappearance of mystery. An omniscient intelligence would find nothing mysterious, but would have no need of philosophy, either.
Still, philosophy has never totally effaced the idea of mystery, and we can ask about its nature and try to explain why we have it. A mystery is something we do not understand, something that puzzles our senses, imagination or understanding. Some mysteries are solved. Some await a solution. Others remain unsolved for purely contingent reasons. Still others remain mysteries because we lack the intellectual ability to solve them, or because trying to think of a ’solution’ is already wrong-headed.

First of all we should distinguish natural from supernatural mysteries. Natural mysteries are things we do not understand, but which, if we finally dispel them, we will understand by thought, observation and experience without appeal to supernatural intelligence or agency. Natural mysteries can be little or big. A little mystery is the random disappearance of my socks, or why it rained living fish in the desert. Big natural mysteries are puzzles like the nature of gravity, dark matter, the Big Bang, the ultimate composition of the universe, and so on.
Believing that natural mysteries have natural explanations, we have sought for these explanations and have been very successful in dispelling some of them. For example, the role of the heart was a mystery for a long time, and there were many ideas about its function. However, when Harvey proved that the heart is a pump for pushing blood through the body, he solved the mystery. This does not mean that we will always be successful in dispelling natural mysteries, but our efforts to understand are not pointless. Magic tricks, too, are mysterious to those who do not know how the magician does them.
Supernatural mysteries also come in small and large sizes. Small ones include sightings of ghosts, the operations of poltergeists, communication with dead loved ones, astral projection, near-death experiences, and so on. We do not know how to take any of this, but even if we believe in the afterlife and immaterial spirits, such things are still mysterious to us.

After establishing an individual philosophy, reorganizing your life, and finding your dharma and spiritual path, there is another step to take on your spiritual journey. You are to take responsibility for your own life.
Well, many people are in the habit of blaming someone else for their unfortunate situations. Whatever is wrong in a person’s life is blamed on unfair sibling relationships, taxes, imperfect schools, or having been born at the wrong time etc.

Understand your relationships, but let go of blaming. There is nothing in your mysterious life that is not your choice, your doing, your karma. It may sound harsh, but it is liberating.


Time & Awakening Process & Pleiadians
Poate ati observat sau poate nu… timpul trece din ce in ce mai repede… nu?! Sa fie oare mult mai comprimat? Oare de ce? Oare ce proces parcurge planeta noastra? Probabil fiecare a auzit de ce cele 7 planete, pe nume Pleiade. Ce este oare un ‚awakning process’ despre care se vorbeste deja pe o sumedenie de situri.
Daca dorim sa ne trezim la ‚realitate’ este important sa analizam toate posibilitatile pentru a ajunge la o cunoastere cat mai amanuntita pentru a afla defapt cine suntem cu adevarat!?! Daca exista totusi un sistem de viata … paralel cu sistemul nostru de viata…!!!? Un astfel de sistem… pleiediar sa-i zic asa, ar functiona oricum in afara conceptului nostru de timp liniar. Atat timp cat acesta exista intr-un alt sistem… de stele (Pleiade), acesta exista in afata ideii noastre normale de timp. Este inuman sa-ti poti explica logic cum este totusi posibil ca aici de ex. 2500 de ani sa fie echivalentul cu un weekend intr-un alt sistem…
Problema timpului este mult mai complexa… iar procesul de ‚trezire’ implica in primul rand realizarea faptului ca acest concept de timp nu exista cu adevarat, acesta nu se desfasoara intr-o linie dreapta. Oare de ce nu am fost invatati la scoala sa ne folosimt de tot ceea ce ne sta in putiinta… ca fiinta umana? Sa fie oare guvernul capul rautatilor pe aceasta planeta…? Fiecare are dreptul sa-si formeze ideeea sa proprie… important e sa stii de ce alegi sa crezi ceva sau nu. Iar acest „stiut” este foarte relativ, fiind uneori valabil doar pentru o mica parte dintre noi…

The Pleiadian stars themselves hold a certain type of frequency. Each and every
star in the universe holds a frequency, an intention. The intention of the Pleiadian
system is one of love, emotional love. The stars themselves are a group
consciousness. They appear in light bodies, they contain all the colours of the
rainbow but are predominately blues and turquoise. The blue vibration is one of
harmony, truth and balance. This energy ray brings a possibility of bringing the
emotions into balance. Beings from other places come to this star system to heal,
align and balance their emotional bodies. The turquoise ray brings a cleansing that
enables beings to move beyond the confining dramas of their emotional bodies and
step more into the acceptance and unconditional love of another.

It is hard to explain the schools of learning, as they are not third dimensional in
any way, but fifth dimensional. They are light. Imagine a temple made of light, with
a movement, a sound that runs through it. The beings radiate from their bodies a
frequency in light, colour and sound that harmonises those that come into contact
with them. Simply by being in their presence they are able to heal out the blocks and
issues that prevent them from being in emotional truth. Many beings who are
Pleiadian in their soul are here on earth now are musicians of one sort or another.
They are trying to bring frequencies to earth that will aid the balance of emotions.
Many of them are singers, as the human voice and words are capable of bringing in
harmonies that instruments just cannot.
The Pleiades is sometimes called the Plough. It comprises of seven stars, which
are also called the seven sisters. It is possible to see them in our night sky. There
are many inhabited planets orbiting these stars, housing a variety of different beings.
There are two major groups of beings, one is Humanoid and the other is Reptilian.
The humanoid Pleiadians appear very similar to us, as we took a lot of our
characteristics in form, from these Pleiadian beings. If you were to see a Pleiadian
walk down the street, you would not recognize them as aliens, however you would
notice that they are exceptionally beautiful, often with large almond shaped eyes.
These Pleiadians are very connected with the story of Earth and its human
inhabitants. Beings from the Pleiades have been coming to Earth, for thousands of
years. They visited Earth long before humans walked the land. Their d.n.a is
mirrored in ours, we are cousins to them in a fashion, and we hold aspects of
Pleiadian d.n.a, within our genetic structure. Later in the human stories, these
Pleiadian beings visited Earth, in their ships of light and the memories of their visits,
are recorded in many of the myths and stories of ancient people.

There are Pleiadian star ships orbiting the planet. They are fourth dimensional
ships there fore it is impossible for us in the third to see them. However if we could
see on the fourth dimensional level then we would see huge mother ships, circling
the planet. The Pleiadian beings on this ship are beaming energy to hold the
electromagnetic grid of the planet in love and harmony. This is the reason that the
big earthquakes that were predicted have been made less destructive and some did
not occur at all. They have amazing technology that they can harness energies and
beam them at a certain point in the third dimension.
The Pleiadian energy or frequency has been going through many shifts and
changes over the thousands of years, since their first visits to Earth. There are many
different races and dimensional levels, within the system of the Pleiades, together;
they hold the energy, which is focused, in unconditional love.

However now in our time line, they are moving as a whole system into the frequency of unconditional love.
Unconditional love is not only an elevated emotion; it is an energetic frequency in its
own right. We as humans are consciously aware on the third dimension only, the
Pleiadians were aware on the fourth dimension and now in our present time, they are
moving from a fourth dimensional awareness to a fifth dimensional awareness. As
they move up in their awareness, they begin to radiate unconditional love into the
rest of the universe.
The earth is going through a vibrational transformation. It is over time going to
shift from a third dimensional frequency to a fourth and later a fifth dimensional
frequency. A vibrational transformation means that the atoms in the cells of our
bodies are going to transform and begin to vibrate at a faster rate. It is the
vibrational rate of atoms of our bodies, which hold us in the dimensional level, we
find ourselves upon. There are many beings from many different places in the
universe coming to earth in our present time. Some of them are visiting us in space
ships; however this is not the majority. The majority are choosing to come to the
earth and incarnate into a human body. They come and incarnate here in order to
aid the planet in her transformation. Specially trained teams of Pleiadians choose to
incarnate at this time, to bring this energy of transforming through unconditional
love, here to Earth as a possibility in reality.
The stars themselves hold the energy of unconditional love, not only for the
Pleiadian system itself, but also for the whole of that section of space. We come
within the energy field of the Pleiadian system, so therefore we are under its
influence, and its movement towards unconditional love. Without this energy coming
to the Earth, we would be in a very cold place indeed. The universe is always moving
and shifting, and as we move towards the year 2012, we will come more and more
into the energy field of the Pleiades.
The Pleiadians can live to a much longer age than we do, here on the Earth.
This was partly to do with a heightened consciousness and also an innate balance
with nature. On Earth we are not connected with the consciousness that is the
planet. The Pleiadians however are very connected with the consciousness of their
planet. They live in total harmony with their planet. They brought into our human
genetic code, the ability to have empathy and compassion. Without these qualities
we would be no more than animals. In early civilizations on earth the population was
instructed by these beings coming from the Pleiades. Many of the early myths and
religions were based on experiences that humans had with these Pleiadian Gods.
The Pleiadians study the hidden meaning of colours and sounds for healing of
the emotional body. They can see the energy body around others and they can
diagnosis the emotional well being by the patterns of colours, which they see in the
person’s aura. They use colored panels of glass and held them in positions to catch
the starlight from the most distant Pleiadian stars and used the beams of colored
light to heal others. Each of the power centers or chakras of the body correspond
with one of the colours of the rainbow. Starting at the top with violet, then purple,
blue, green, yellow, orange and finally red at the base. They use their knowledge of
colours to aid in an intense healing process.

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livia-axenteComunicarea identitatii… Am observat o anumita greseala pe care oamenii o fac in comunicarea interpersonala, si mai ales in situatiile conflictuale. Este o greseala care costa mult. Cel mai adesea, relatia respectiva se rupe sau se degradeaza… Este vorba de argumentele pe care din exasperare si epuizarea altora, mai concrete, oamenii le folosesc pentru a ataca si a se apara. “Am o problema cu tine”, “ai gresit aici si aici”. Dar pentru ca celalalt e rezistent la logica, pentru ca se apara, celalalt ramane si el fara argumente si i se ridica tensiunea. Ce este mai evident e ca logica se duce pe apa sambetei si se ajunge la argumentele care tin de identitatea celuilalt. Retorica negativa tinde sa fie foarte bogata in orice limba…
Ei bine, lucrurile ar trebui sa stea altfel in societatea asta… Sigur, nu e simplu, si tehnicile de comunicare care spun ca trebuie sa ramai la problema in cauza fara a ajunge la epuizarea celuilalt sunt in plin avant… sau nu…
Morala ar suna cam asa… “Stick to the Point!” Repeta-ti punctul de vedere cu sange rece pana cand celalalt intelege sau e dispus sa auda… Nu ar fi bine sa intram pe terenul identitatii pentru ca riscam… poate este minat…

I used to think I had the answers to everything, but now I know life doesn’t always go my way…
Feels like I’m caught in the middle that’s when I realize…I’m not a girl, not yet a woman. All I need is time, a moment that is mine, while I’m in between.
There is no need to protect me. It’s time that I learn to face up to this on my own.
I’ve seen so much more than you know now, so don’t tell me to shut my eyes.
I’m not a girl, but if you look at me closely, you will see it my eyes…
This girl will always find her way…